Thursday, August 16, 2012

SSSS Membership....

The SUPER SEVEN SECRET SOCIETY is opening the door to new initiates!  Once every year, the stars align and the passageway to the SSSS is revealed for a brief moment in cosmic time.  Those who pay the admission fee of $125 and are not faint of heart are invited to venture into the depths of the unknown…
August 22-29 - The passage is re-opened to existing members
August 30 - September 6 - The passage is opened to new members
September 7 - The passage closes, fleeing members are crushed…
Those who make the journey will receive:
  • Three SSSS Membership Toys
  • One SSSS Membership T-Shirt
  • Welcome Kit
  • Access to SSSS Exclusive Toy Editions
  • Early access to all Toy Editions and Event Exclusives
  • Sneak Peeks of Upcoming Products and Events
  • Coded Messages
  • SSSS Exclusive Forum Access
  • Additional SSSSecrets…
Those who do not make the journey will receive nothing.  The passage is closing, hesitate not lest ye be lost….

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