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BESA, in honor of European Skateboarding
The Award
… And the nominees are
Kingpin Reader’s Award

• Intro

The first ever Bright European Skate Awards is now just over a week away, and it’s now time to give more details about our new gala event. We are looking forward to celebrate the European skateboarding scene with you!

• Besa, in honor of European Skateboarding

The European Skateboard scene is one of the most vibrant and diverse in the world. Its impact on global skateboarding, isn’t to be proven anymore, yet no one manage to honor and salute the highlight of everyone involved, from skateboarder to media, shop honors to new brands. Together with Kingpin Magazine and, Bright developed BESA, and we are looking forward to welcome you for our new yearly Rendez-Vous.

• The Award

The award is an adaption of a famous Berlin Skatespot and also an honor to the socialistic architecture developed under the former GDR. With its straight geometric lines and inspiringly skateable structure, this symbol of highly heroic values has the perfect blend for the Bright European Skateboard Award.

We would like to thank VOXELJET, the 3D printing company who manfactured the BESA awards under the shortest deadline and with the highest quality standard.
The high-tech company based in Augsburg, Germany, focuses on the automatic, patternless manufacture of sand casting moulds and the production of plastic components according to customer specifications. voxeljet is active in two business fields: the service sector and the manufacture of 3D printing systems.

• … And the nominees are

After a complex and thorough voting process, the decision has been made. For each award, up to ten people were submitted for rating to more than 70 industry insiders, from media to distribution, retailers to team managers. Scores have been counted and we are proud to announce the top 5 scorers in each category as official nominees. The remainder of the list are awarded with an honorable mention to salute their hard work and dedication.

Kingpin European Skater Of The Year:

Youness Amrani
Madars Apse
Steve Forstner
Chris Pfanner
Lucas Puig

Rookie Of The Year:

Nassim Guammaz
Harry Lintell
Flo Mirtain
Albert Nyberg
Barney Page

Video Production Of The Year:

Adidas: Lucas Puig Pro Spotlight
Antiz: OAF
Gravis: Steve Forstner
Skate Mental: Tim Zom Part
Sweet Skateboards: Sweet & Sour

Photographer Of The Year:

Sam Ashley
Tuuka “Deelie” Kaila
Davy Van Laere
Sem Rubio
Marcel Veldman
Cover Of The Year:

Grey Magazine 6, by Henry Kinsford.
Kingpin Magazine 93, by Sem Rubio
Sidewalk Magazine, Issue 181, by Chris Johnson
Soma Magazine 25, by David Turakiewicz *
Wood 8, by Davy Van Laere

Brand Of The Year:

Antiz Skateboards
Cliché Skate Co.
Polar Skateboards
Sweet Skateboards
Palace Skateboards
Trick Of The Year:

Youness Amrani - backside noseblunt.
Julian Furones, Frontside Wallride.
Steve Forstner - Kickflip Into 2nd bank.
Flo Mirtain - Triple Set Bs Flip.
Willow - Fs Varial Heelflip.

Slam Of The Year:

Steve Forstner – Gravis part
Julian Furones – OAF
Hugo Liard – OAF
Michel Mahringer – OAF
Tim Zom – Skate Mental part

Shop Of The Year:

Arrow & Beast - Stuttgart, Germany
Ben G - Amsterdam, The Netherland
Nozbone - Paris, France
Lost Art - Liverpool, UK
Welcome - Madrid, Spain

All the winners will be announced during the official Bright European Skateboard Awards gala ceremony, on Friday January 20th, followed by a public announcement the following day.

• Kingpin Reader’s Award

The industry wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for the public, so Kingpin offered its readers the opportunity to voice their opinion and name their Skateboarder of The Year. The votes closed on January 2nd, and with an amazing turn out, the choice has been made. Check back on the 21st to see who has won the award.

January 19th till 21st, 2012
Normannenstrasse 19, 10365 Berlin

BRIGHT OFFICE: Hohenstaufenstrasse 13-27, 60327 Frankfurt / |

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