Thursday, March 31, 2011

Paul Kaiju · “April Candy” Boss Carrion

Here’s a preview of the next Boss Carrion release.

Infos via Paul Kaijus blog...

Three different colors all on clear vinyl.
Lime green, Blue, or pink all with pearly tones going on.
Each one contains either five or six unpainted (or a few slightly painted) “unique” mini resin figures sculpted and cast at PK headquarters.
Chibi Welt, Patsy Batsy, and Biter baby are all included inside each Boss!
So if you are a fan of Paul Kaiju's resin sculpts as well as his vinyl, this is the one to get!
The price will be $150 each.

These will be sold “Blind Bag” style, so no reservation requests or advanced sales will be accepted!

Sales info to be announced soon on his website!

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