Thursday, May 13, 2010

ZARI revealed by YAMOMARK | @ Design Festival

ZARI revealed by YAMOMARK

@ Design Festival

It participates in the design festival on this Saturday (the 15th).
Booth No.: C+1452 ~ 1455
It becomes Mr. [beroshitoron], Mr. FIGLAB, and a joint branch shop. +++ It doesn't participate on Sunday. +++ Please continue your favors toward you. +++ Perhaps, so much a lot of commodities cannot be taken though it is preparing now because it becomes reserves. +++ I think that [minisofubi] chiefly becomes it. +++ It is a duck that takes [punigon] after a long time. +++ Additional production of its and [daiougusokumushi] man's B types is molded now, ordered, and wait for a while, please. +++ It is ..purchase.. safe in a hurry in the auction etc. +++ It asked type shop for it and [zarikingu] today. +++ It to make to good or is throbbing.
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