Tuesday, May 18, 2010

1st paint tease of ZARI | by YAMOMARK

ザリキング検討中 | [Zarikingu] is being examined
金型やさんが思いのほか早くて、もうサンプルが出来ました。The sample can already been done besides metal mold and the desire because it is early.色に関しては検討中でして、成型色はなるべく工場に残ってるものを使うようにしてますので若干変わると思いますし塗装も変わると思います。Because the color of construction it uses the one that remains as much as possible at the factory while examining it, it is thought that some changes and I think that painting changes, too concerning the color.また腹部のバックルも初回は無しにするかもしれません。[Shinisuru] moreover ..buckle of the abdomen.. first time ..it is...
とりあえず速報ということで写真だけ載せさせていただきました。I was going to put only the photograph to report promptly for the time being.はさみの嵌着もうまくいきましたよ。Setting scissors went well, too.(ドリロケさんのまねさせていただきました)Be going of Mr. [doriroke] (mimicked.) | via... yamomark.blog19.fc2.com/ | photoshop refresh by auxpeer° | translated by machine

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