Thursday, July 7, 2011

CANNICS ARTBANG +++ July 7th-9th +++ BERLIN

Dear friends and colleagues,

Over 40* international creatives put their hands on and spent their time with our "Cannics",
to create their versions of the 30cm vinyl figure of our beloved mellow yellow fellow.

Carpenters, Product Designers, Skateboarders, DJs, Porcelain Designers, Automotive Interior Designers,
Writers, Illustrators, full time Artist, Event Agencies and Design Agencies participated in this first,
interdisciplinary Cannics project which is happening at

The starting point was the same for everybody:
Every participant could choose between the plain figure made out of finest Asian vinyl
and the 3D data of the virtual Cannics to create their own interpretation of the character.

As a result the participating artists fabricated a beautiful variety of different sculptures:
Carved or milled out of wood, staged in small installations, lasered out of liquid resin
or simply hand-painted with love.

FIFTYEIGHT 3D, AUXPEER° & V-KINGZ.COM proudly presents the first Cannics-Exhibition
with roundabout 40 unique pieces in Berlin.

BRIGHT // Stasi Headquarters // Normanenstraße 19// Haus 18 // Berlin
07.07. 10am - 6pm Art Area @BRIGHT (3rd floor)
08.07. 10 am - 6pm Art Area @BRIGHT (3rd floor)
09.07. 10 am - 6pm Art Area @BRIGHT (3rd floor)

Pop-up Gallery // Brunnenstraße 24
07.07. 7pm Vernissage & ChillOut
08.07. 7pm Vernissage & ChillOut
09.07. - 31.08. Display-Window-Vernissage

Artist list (+40Artists*)...
Killer J
toybot studios
Max Zimmermann
Henrik Böttger
Florian Stucki aka 28
3 deluxe
Pierre Becker
Patrick Lotz
Kai Linke
Alec Mechanic
Robert Schwartz
Nik Schweiger
Sebastian Todderoth
Moto Waganari
Andreas Pistner
Slim Ben Ghezala
and many more!
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We would be very happy to see you around!

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