Sunday, February 28, 2010

Le Custom Hujili's Ghost

Here is a custom of LeMerdes new dude Hujili's Ghost for his show "Severed For Life" which opens this Sat March 6th at Gargamel's Thrash Out in Japan.Gargamel X Le Merde He is a mashup of Gargamel's Hedoran Smog Monster and my character Hujili's Ghost. The head and body are new sculpts and the arms and legs are from the Hedoran figure. There will be customs of Hujili by the awesome Koji "Cometdebris" Harmon, Kiyoka and Naoya Ikeda, Chanmen, KaToPe, Bwana Spoons, Arbito, Martin Ontiveros, David Horvath, Buta No Hana and M1Go!!

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