Thursday, January 7, 2010


Sam Flores, The Loyal Subjects and Upper Playground present:
Sam Flores' Wyger

The Wyger features elegant gradient blends, descriptive tiger stripes and staple Sam Flores elements such as the over sized clutched hands and the large Punchinella-esque covered feet. The Wyger gets it's name from the amalgamation of the tiger and Upper Playground's iconic Walrus.
The Wyger stands nearly 10" tall and also features two protruding tusks. The Wyger is packaged in a double sided window box featuring gold foil on the inside which doubles as a reflective mirror giving the packaged item multiple views. Also featured are Spot UV treatments against matte. A coveted collectible for all Sam Flores fans! LIMITED EDITION OF 500 Available by end of next week (jan. 14th) at +++ Pre order your WalrusTYGER now & here.

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